Your known foes–the enemy. So far this is what you know:

The Yeerks are a race of parasites. The control a host body, entering usually through an ear canal. They cannot be detected through normal means once inside a host.

Every three days the Yeerk must leave it’s host to feed. They feed on Kandrona Rays (a kind of bioactive light).

The Yeerks are small creatures that reminded you of the Venom Symbiote. The image of them you received from Tyrileon showed them as small, blob-like things with tendrils that could easily fit in the palm of your hand.

Tyrileon said they were impervious to much damage. You’re not sure what that means entirely. She also said that if you kill the host it will not necessarily kill the Yeerk.

They are allied with the Taxxon race, enemies of the Andalites, and have completely enslaved the entire Hork-Bajir race.



Your allies, known fighters against the Yeerk threat. So far this is what you know:

The Andalites are a seemingly highly advanced alien race. They have space travel and some crazy technology such as the morphing ability you now have.

The one Andalite you have met so far (Tyrileon-Cabiliac-Jortii) was centaur-like, having a hooved lower body and a more humanoid upper torso. She was blue in color, furred, and wore a spacesuit of some kind. She had long but weak looking arms with seven fingers on each hand. Her ‘horse’ body reminded you of a deer or a gazelle. Her tail resembled more that of a Scorpion with a wicked, curved, scythe-like blade at the end. Her head was rather triangular in shape with two large main eyes, elf-like pointed ears, no mouth but strange almost gills. Atop her head were two stalk eyes that moved all around. Her neck and head were maned like a lion.

You did see one other Andalite, the host body of Visser Two.

Tyrileon said that Andalite reinforcements would be coming to earth but she could not tell you when…


The Taxxons are large centipede-like creatures and claimed allies of the Yeerks. So far this is what you know:

The Taxxons are huge, man-sized or larger centipede things. They have corpulent bodies like long sausages, hundreds of tiny little legs. Towards the part of their body that they keep upright they have clawed arms that don’t look capable of doing much. They don’t have heads so much as they have an end to their body, and that end is a huge mouth with way too many teeth. They have four eyes that stick out around the head/mouth area and wiggle like red Jello.

The only ones you’ve seen gobbled up pieces of Tyrileon after Visser Two ripped her apart.

According to Tyrileon the Taxxons are allies of the Yeerks.


The Hork-Bajir are terrifying hosts for the Yeerks. So far this is what you know:

The Hork-Bajir are gigantic, terrifying creatures. They look a little like dinosaurs, specifically velociraptors. They stand on two legs, look covered in scales and have long tails and bird-like heads with beaks. Those you’ve seen so far all had three horns on their temples and forehead. They also have spikes on their wrists, elbows, knees, calves and ankles. In addition to sharp claws on all toes and fingers, and a tail that’s spiked with a club on the end.

They appear to be walking weapons and Tyrileon called them the Yeerks’ shock troops. She also said that the entire race was controlled by Yeerks. She said they are to be pitied.


All right, smart ass. How’s this:

You know what a human is, but you have no idea how the rest of the galaxy views them. Now that you know you’re not alone, you have no idea what other races think of you–or if they even know of you!

Obviously the Yeerks know about you, and it seems like they want you as Controllers. You don’t know why humans and you have no idea what kind of benefits you’d give them. Not even Tyrileon seemed to know that–as she clearly indicated you offered them very little.

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