Here is a completely blank character sheet for players and GM alike.

Most of this is pretty easy to understand if you've played other tabletop games, but just in case I'll break it down here.


This nifty little box is for your Hero Points.



Most of this explains itself.

This is the most basic of basic information for your character.

If playing a Yeerk you are filling this information out for the Yeerk and not their host.

Once more this stuff here should be pretty standard for most tabletop games, so it shouldn't be too confusing for players.





Again really standard information here. We've added an area for the Exhausted condition because it's important in this setting.

Your Total HP, Bloodied HP and Current HP are all meant to go in the corresponding side of the cube. This way you have all the numbers you need at a glance.



Now we change things up a little.

Perception and Concentration are two very important skills in this setting so they are altered and given a spotlight on the Character Sheet. When morphing an Animorph must roll at Concentration--pretty much every time they morph. There are two kinds of Concentration rolls for this--and for other applicable scenarios--and we've set it up so that the formulas for both are right at your fingertips.

For most Concentration checks a WIS MOD will be used, however if the Animorph is attempting something that requires a Concentration and they are physically engaged--they must make a CON MOD based Concentration check. That means if they are attempting to morph while in combat and are hit, if they're attempting to morph and are in pain or freezing, any other kind of physical condition.

The boxes at the very right are for your total amount--which is what you add to your d20 roll. For WIS you add 5 + your WIS MOD + any MISC BONUS you might have and that total is what you'll add any time you make a wisdom based Concentration check. It's the same but with a CON MOD instead for a constitution based Concentration check.



Closing out we're back to fairly normal stuff.

STR or DEX is based upon your character's race and will be given in their attack information--same with damage die.

Please note this is only for attacks you can make in your natural form--this is NOT for anything related to morphing. You can add weapons here, if you get and use weapons in your natural form.

There are two areas to allow for two different attacks.

Your Initiative is your DEX MOD, and any bonus feats or race might give you.

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