Player Characters

Tyrel–a young black gender non-conforming individual (goes by he/him/his).

Katherine–a young Jewish woman in medical school, older sister of Everett.

Kioshi–a young Japanese teen.


Gilette–a young teen enrolled in Catholic school.


Kilohana–a young Hawaii native.


Everett–an autistic Jewish teen.

These are characters played by The Group. They are the Animorphs for this campaign.

Non-Player Characters

Tyrlieon-Cabiliac-Jortii–the female Andalite who crashed in the construction site and gave the Animorphs the morphing ability.


Visser Two–the only Yeerk with an Andalite host, the Animorphs' most powerful foe.

Marcus Lee Kendrick–the Principal of Monicon High School and suspected Controller.


Jamie Burns–member of The Sharing and suspected Controller.


Tom Matthias Renoir–Gil’s older brother, member of The Sharing, known Controller. Also called Esplin 993


Bob Moore–Tyrel’s boss, manager at Hull Street Waffle House, known Controller.


Iniss–name overheard, suspected to be Esplin’s supervisor.


Liam Hayes--Kioshi's personal guard

These are the characters played by me, the GM. They are usually enemies, secondary characters, family members, etc.

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