Here’s a blank Morph Card. I’m going to run you through filling one out and explain it a bit further. I’m going to use the Bird (Medium) morph like the barred owl you acquired since we should all be familiar with that morph somewhat.


In the case of the owl, Animal Name would be Barred Owl. The Category would be Bird (Medium) and the Level is 1. Assume all acquired morphs are level 1 unless otherwise stated. Name and Category won’t change, level obviously will.



All of these are flat numbers given in the Bird (Medium) description. These numbers are ready to go–meaning you do not add anything to them, such as Dex to your AC etc. There will be three listed numbers for Speed and in order they are Walking/Swimming/Flying.

When it comes to your Attributes these are also one number, not to be altered upon acquiring the morph (leveling and feats will change these). These numbers do not have Modifiers and are a single number. You add the whole number given to applicable rolls and saves.


HP per Level. This is already your max HP, you do not need to roll and you do NOT add anything to this number (unless a feat says otherwise). Each time you level up you get the same number to add to your HP, max each time. I suggest writing HP P Level SLASH Total. For the Owl then you would fill this out: 6 / 6 and then at level two 6 / 12.



This seems to be where folks are getting confused–and admittedly it’s weird to look at.

The top two slots (left and right) are for your Proficiency information. On the left would be which Attribute the Morph gains Proficiency in. On the right is the Proficiency Bonus (a number which goes up when leveling or with a feat). The Owl (Bird, Medium) is DEX Proficient and at level one the bonus is 1. This means for all Dex rolls (including saves) you get to add the Proficiency Bonus.

The bottom two slots are for your morph’s Attack information. On the left is which Attribute your morph uses to attack (Dex for the Owl) and on the right is your Attack Bonus. In this case you may ADD some numbers. The total for your Attack Bonus Attribute is always added and if your Morph is lucky enough to have Proficiency in the same Attribute for both of these slots, you also get to add the Proficiency bonus to your Attack Bonus.

In the case of your Owl they are DEX for both. This means your Owl’s Attack Bonus is your DEX PLUS PROFICIENCY BONUS.


All listed skills for your morph means they are Proficient in those skills. This means you add your morph’s Proficiency Bonus to those rolls. For skills that use STR CON or DEX you roll a D20 and then your Morph’s Attribute number (plus Proficiency bonus where applicable.) In the case of your Owl you get to add the DEX and the PROF BONUS to all DEX based Skills at your disposal. If your base form has sunk skill points into any of those skills you also get to add those points HOWEVER you do NOT add your base form Proficiency bonus.

*Think of it this way, your character is proficient in climbing. In their natural form they excel at it and get a Proficiency Bonus. As an animal they would still recall how to climb and thus could recall training and experience to help them, but they haven’t grown up in their morph’s body so they are good at climbing but not proficient in it.*

Not all morphs will have Weaknesses and Resistances. If you are weak to a kind of damage you take double that type of damage. If you are resistant you take half.



In the end, filled out, this is what a Level One Bird (Medium) Morph Card should look like:


Attacks can be written on the back of the cards.

As you level you will also be able to add Feats to morphs. I suggest you write down the name of the Feat on the back of the card, and cross-reference the Feat itself on the Sheet of Feats you’ll have in your binder. This way you don’t have to try and scribble out all the Feat information on the card.

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