These Feats are available for morphs and some alien races as their natural form Feats—those racial descriptions will have lists of which of these Feats are available. Unless stated specifically these Feats only apply to the morph that takes them and must be taken by multiple morphs to apply to multiple morphs.


Absorb: Any morph with a Minimum CON of 5. You may use a reaction to take half damage from any attack. You cannot stack this with other damage reduction abilities for the same hit. You must declare this before the total damage is announced. You can use this a number of times equal to the morph’s CON.

Acid Shot: Applicable insects. A ranged DEX attack that deals 1D4 damage. If successful it adds 2 points of acid damage per round, a number of range equal to the morph’s CON.

Aerial Ace: Must have Bird Affinity. +10 to flight speed, applies to all birds.

Ambush Predator: All predators, DEX min 4. You gain Advantage on attacks if your target has not seen you yet in that instance of combat.

Appeasement: Any social animal. Advantage on rolls vs other animals of the same type as the morph to avoid conflict.

Blend In: Must have Affinity. You can give in to the morph’s mind to instantly ‘pass’ as a real version of your morph without losing your mind or control. This only works if it is plausible for your morph to be in your current location. This moves to an Advantage instead of an instant pass if the witness has seen you do something completely out of character for the morph.

Blind: Deal no damage on a successful attack and instead blind your target for 1D4 rounds.

Blind Fight: Must have Affinity. While blinded you are now at -4 instead of Disadvantage.

Break: Minimum 2 STR. On a successful hit you may chose to deal regular damage or break a bone instead. The break will deal damage equal to your STR and cause the target to be at Disadvantage for all applicable rolls. This may not kill or paralyze a target (IE breaking the spine in order to completely incapacitate them).

Burrow: Underground dwellers. You can burrow safely and quickly. This works on all surfaces except cement—rock, tile and like materials are moved aside or shifted instead of broken. This can be used in combat as a full round action. This will trigger an Attack of Opportunity during the digging. This will grant you full cover and you cannot be hit while underground. You move at half your normal speed.

Call for Help: Any social creature. If like animals are within sight or earshot you may ask for assistance. You will gain 1D4 allies for four rounds or until the completion of a simple task. This task must be something that is not out of the realm of natural for the animals, though it may be a common activity applied in an unusual way. You may do this a number of times equal to your CHA MOD per day.

Called Shot: Min DEX 4. On a critical hit you may make a called shot without penalty. If intended to kill and the damage is equal to or greater than the target’s CON score—it is an instant kill.

Communication: You may attempt to ‘speak’ to like animals. You can only convey simple ideas or concepts. A CHA roll (DC of the real animal’s INT) can be made to attempt to gain their cooperation.

Camoflage: Applicable animals such as chameleons and octopi. You’ve learned how to use this natural ability to your advantage. This grants you a 50% chance to be missed in combat or an Advantage to being overlooked out of combat.

Charge: Animals with a base speed of at least 20, STR at least 4. If you make a successful attack you knock your enemy prone for one round. If your target is within 10ft of you, you must spend a full round moving away to gain momentum.

Claw, Claw, Bite: Any predatory animal with the appropriate limbs. One attack. If successful it deals a bite attack at regular damage and two claw attacks at STR damage. Must be declared before the attack is rolled.

Constrict: Non-Venomous snakes. Opposing strength rolls to strangle the target. No damage is dealt. Three rounds unbroken will knock the target unconscious in combat, three successful rolls in a row will knock them unconscious out of combat. Each round/roll following acts as a Save VS Death. If released before death the target will remain unconscious for 1D4 + your STR rounds.

Danger Sense: Must have Affinity. You take half damage from attacks you can see made by enemies you can see. Uses a reaction.

Dasher & Dancer: Base speed 40, min DEX 4, must have Running Attack. You are now immune to attacks of opportunity.

Deafen: Deal no damage on a successful attack and instead deafen your target for 1D4 rounds.

Deft Hands: Monkeys, Apes, Racoons. Dex rolls are +2 when using hands to do something.

Detect Purity: Minimum level 4. Can identify food and water that is safe to eat. You can identify if it is safe for your morph or your natural form, one or other, but not if it is safe for other animals/aliens.

Disorient: Using sound you attempt to stun your target. A successful ranged attack stuns them for 2 rounds but deals no damage.

Dive Bomb: Flight capable birds. Upon successful aerial hit you deal double damage. This will use your full movement.

Early Warning: Minimum level 10. Alerted to oncoming effects from nature such as storms, earthquakes, etc.

Expertise: Must have Affinity. Morphing is now an action in combat.

Expert Tracker: Must have Tracking. Re-rolls on all 1s on tracking rolls.

Exploit: Any predator. Extra 1d6 damage on Bloodied enemies.

Favored Terrain: Double base speed and add Advantage to rolls for moving in your morph’s natural habitat.

Favortism: Minimum level 15, must have type Affinity. Advantage on check and skill rolls—not useable on attacks or saves.

Feign Death: Animals such as opossum, hognose snakes, etc. Advantage on bluffs to appear dead.

Ferocity: Must have Stare Down. Bonus action to Intimidate one target. Add 1D6 damage for your next successful attack on that target if your Intimidate works.

Finishing Frenzy: Must have Frenzy. If your target dies and there is excess damage after taking the target to 0HP you may transfer the damage. You must make a successful hit on a target within melee range. Only the transferred damage applies. Only transferable to one target.

Fly-By Attack: You use a full round action to fly in, attack, and fly away with no attack of opportunity.

Frantic Frenzy: Must have Frenzied. Damage increased to 1d8.

Frenzied: Must have Frenzy. Damage increased to 1D6.


Frenzy: Must have a Bite attack, STR min 4. On a critical hit you deal an extra 1d4 + STR damage.

Gentle Touch: You gain Advantage on all actions intended to subdue and not kill.

Guardian: Must have Taunt. You may now use Taunt on a number of targets equal to your Prof Bonus.

Hamstring: You may chose to halve your damage on a successful attack in order to half your target’s movement speed. This lasts until the target is healed.

Hive Mind: Applicable insects. If the save to resist the hive mind is made on your first try, you may call upon the hive to attack a single target. You can use this any time before you demorph at which point you lose it. The hive lasts 1D4 rounds and deals 1D6 damage to your target when you make a successful attack.

Hold Person: Min STR 5. Advantage on grapple rolls to hold/subdue a target in an attempt to end or prevent combat.

Hold Person Coupe De Gras: Must have Hold Person. Acts as Hold Person except intent is for an ally to attack the subdued target.

Infect: Any diseased animal. Bite with intent to infect. Deals normal damage and has a 40% chance to infect the target. This increases to 60% on a critical.

Instincts: Min level 8, must have Affinity. Access the morph’s instincts without losing control and gain Advantage on a specific task.

Menacing Presence: Intimidate at least +4. Successful Intimidates render the target stunned for one round.

Migration Expert: Any migratory morph. Short rests act as long rests if you have just traveled any length of time in this morph without morphing to another creature before the rest.

Mimic (Sounds): Birds for all sounds; bugs/frogs to applicable sounds. You can make a Bluff roll to try and mimic any sound you have previously heard regardless of what morph you were in at the time. Birds can also mimic words and voices. A message can be up to 15 seconds in a language you speak or 5 seconds in languages you don’t. If your target fails they believe the mimicry and act accordingly.


Night Rider: Nocturnal animals, must have Affinity. +2 on all rolls against diurnal targets or tasks.

Poison: Applicable animals—must make their own natural poison. Make an attack with intent to poison. Successful hits deal normal damage and target must make a CON save DC 10 + your CON. On a fail they are poisoned and take 1D4 poison damage each round for a number of rounds equal to your Proficiency Bonus.

Power Rage: Must have Rage. Once you are Bloodied all damage is doubled. You can use this up to three times a day but each use puts you at another level of exhaustion.

Preferred Enemy: Minimum level 5, must have Affinity. Pick one enemy race and gain Advantage on attacks made against them. Can be taken multiple times to add more enemies. (Yeerk does not cover Controllers and each Controller type is separate.)

Prey Drive: Predators with Affinity. You gain Advantage to attacks on targets moving away from you or that have moved more than 5ft that round.

Rage: Min STR 6. Resistant to all damage. No concentration based abilities may be used for the duration. Add your Prof Bonus to damage. Lasts a number of rounds equal to your level.

Rapid Healing: Minimum level 10, must have Affinity. This morph heals in half the time. (Not applicable to healing while effected by exhaustion.)

Reckless Attack: Subtract from your AC and add to your attack up to a maximum of your level. Lasts a number of rounds equal to your CON. Useable a number of times equal to half your CON.

Reflexes: DEX at least 6. Add your level to Dex based skill checks and saves.

Rend: Any animal with sharp natural weapons that are not teeth. Add 1D4 bleed damage to a successful attack. Lasts a number of rounds equal to your Prof Bonus. Must be declared before rolling the attack.


Roar: Add your CON to your Intimidate roll for any target able to hear you. DC is your total. On a fail the target(s) are unable to move towards you. Lasts until a successful save is made. Saves may be attempted at the end of each turn.

Running Attack: Base speed at least 30. Use a full round action to run, attack and move out of melee range of one target without invoking an attack of opportunity. You move half your movement away but can reach any target within your full movement range. You may do this a number of times a day equal to your CON.

Scent: Applicable animals. Make a ranged attack, if successful the target is sprayed with a noxious smell. They are at Disadvantage to all rolls for a number of days equal to your CON.

Speak: All birds. You may speak any language you know while morphed.

Stampede: Herd animals. You may summon your herd for help if any like animals are within sight or earshot. A small herd is 1D8, medium is 1D10, large 1D12 and extra large 1D20. Damage is dealt to all targets (friend and enemy alike) in a cone. You are the point of the cone and it extends based upon the size of the herd 10/15/20/25 feet. A DEX save DC 10/15/20/25 halves the damage. The stampede deals 5 points per member.

Stare Down: Mammalian predators. Advantage on Intimidate rolls.

Swim Champ: Must have Affinity in one aquatic type. +10 swim speed.

Taunt: Target must make a CHA save with a DC of 10 + your CHA or they must attack you. They must continue to attack you until they land a damaging hit, combat ends, or one of you falls.

Terrifying Presence: All animals lower on the food chain must make an opposing CHA roll against you each time they want to act against you. Upon failing they essentially botch their action. Humans and aliens are susceptible to this effect if the morph could pose a legitimate threat to them. (IE a human would not have to roll against a jackal but would have to roll against a tiger.)

Terrorize: Must have Stare Down. Intimidated targets take an extra 1D6 damage from your successful attacks.

Threatened: You take a stance and can add your Prof Bonus to your AC. Lasts one round.

Tracking: Minimum Perception +5. Advantage to all rolls to find a known person/place/thing.

Vicious Rage: Must have Reckless Attack. Your subtracted points can go to attack, damage or both.

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