All right, let me break down for you how leveling works.

Level One 


HP + Con    Feat    Proficiency Bonus +1 


Here is the basic information you’re given at level one–this is in addition to any racial information.


–Though it is not listed here you do also get to roll your skill points at level one, as noted in your racial information.

As a house rule your HP is max at first level. Meaning if you get 1d8 for your hit die as a level one then you start with 8hp automatically. You then add your CON MOD to that number for your total HP for this level.


You also get one feat–to be picked from the Base Form list OR from noted Morph Feats as listed in your racial information.


Your Proficiency Bonus at this level is a +1.


Level Two 


HP + Con  Skill Points      Proficiency Bonus +1

When you level up to level two you get to roll your skill points once more.


You also get to increase your total HP. This time however you must roll the die instead of taking max. After you roll the appropriate die you may add your CON MOD again, then add those two numbers to your previous total and you have your new total.


Your Proficiency Bonus does not increase and you get no Feat this level.

Level Five

HP + Con    Optional Feat  Increase Stat by 1 Proficiency Bonus +1  


Skipping to level five there is now an Optional Feat next to Increase Stat by 1. This means that at level five you may pick either a Feat or to increase a Stat by 1.


If you decide to increase your CON and your MOD changes make sure you add your new CON MOD to your HP this level. The extra point is not retroactive for your HP.


Level Ten


HP + Con  Skill Points  Optional Feat  Increase Stat by 1  Proficiency Bonus +2  


At level ten your Proficiency Bonus is now +2. This doesn’t mean you add 3 to your Proficiency rolls, it means your total is +2.

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