Session 001 took place on November 2nd, 2018.

In game we started on November 2nd, 2018 around 11pm in Powhatan Virginia. Aside from Tyrel you were all at a school-funded retreat to end school violence. You were all in the same cabin, chaperoned by Katherine. When she snuck out of the cabin she woke up Everett, who announced he was following her and you all left.

When you all found yourselves in the middle of the woods (along with Tyrel) before anyone could really find out what was going on you were witness to a dogfight between three alien spaceships. Only one ship survived and it crashed as you ran for shelter in an abandoned construction site.

The sleek, chrome ship opened and out stepped Tyrileon-Cabilliac-Jortii, an Andalite. She was fatally injured, but spent her last moments talking with you. She told you about the invasion of the Yeerks and how her race was fighting them all over the universe. She said her people had no idea there was a Yeerk pool ship so close to earth, which leads her to believe they are already on your planet in force.

She lamented not being able to help you or give you aid, and then quite suddenly realized she had one thing to offer you. Kilohana, Gil and Tyrel boarded her ship to find a small blue box. While on her ship they saw four holographic pictures (one of a very large alien space ship with a huge dome on top holding a whole meadow; one of Tyrileon pointing to a large field in the distance; one of Tyrileon and another Andalite locked in what appeared to be an embrace of some kind; and one of four Andalites three of whom seemed adult and the fourth which seemed very young and was missing a stalk eye).

Coming back to the group with the box, Tyrileon said she could give you all the power to morph any animal you could touch and acquire. She warned you that there were many rules she had no time to give you, but never stay in morph more than two hours. As you all accepted the gift, Tyrileon revealed she somehow knew Katherine and Kioshi’s names.

Warning you to run and hide as the enemy was coming, Tyrileon paused once more to address Kioshi. She pulled a small token off her spacesuit, handed it to him and told him to guard it with his life. Then, as she ordered you to do so, you ran and hid knowing you could not make it away in time. You were then forced to watch as more spaceships landed and Tyrileon faced your new foes.

She talked with you until the end, trying to prepare you for what you were now facing. She told you about the Taxxons, the Hork-Bajir and of your greatest foe: Visser Two. You watched helplessly as Visser Two morphed into some hideous creature. Fatally wounded Tyrileon managed to get to her hooves and charged into battle… Visser Two ripped her to shreds.

You had very little time to collect yourselves as your footprints were discovered by humans that seemed to be working with or under the control of the Yeerks. With fast thinking you acquired and then morphed a nest of barred owls nearby–with varying degrees of success–and took off towards the campground. Kioshi (who had the most trouble learning his wings) was thrown backwards as Tyrileon’s ship exploded. As the debris rained down Kioshi found one of the holographic images and hidden behind it was a picture of himself! He took both with him and rejoined the group.

As you tried to consider your best option to move forward, you saw groups of adults patrolling the area. The explosion from the ship awakened the campground and for a moment it was close to chaos with teens leaving their cabins and chaperones wondering what was going on.

Amidst all the commotion you were able to identify Tyrel’s boss from the Waffle House (Bob) and the principal at Monicon High as having been at the construction site…

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