Session 003 took place on November 30, 2018.

​In game we picked up at around 11am on Saturday November 3rd in Powhatan, VA. We opened with Kioshi reporting back what he’d found in his scouting. Inside the medical tent he found biohazard drums and everyone agreed it was not good.


Gil decided she wanted to go help scout—or maybe keep an eye on Kioshi while he was scouting—while Katherine began making a way for Kioshi to carry the button with him. The group soon figured out some rules about Thought Speak, mostly that it can only be used to send messages while in morph. Thanks to some quick translating by spider!Everett, the gang inside the cabin was able to converse with Kioshi outside the cabin.


Knowing there is a clock counting down until the Yeerks make their move a plan is starting to come together. The group decides arson might be the best course of action. As they are trying to polish the plan, the object in Tyrel’s hand—the same as the button given to Kioshi—pops out of his palm leaving behind a small scar.


After investigating the object for a few moments the group gathers back at the cabin and everyone returns to their natural forms. They continue to discuss and polish up a plan. Katherine asks Everett if he thinks he can start an electrical fire inside the convenience store as it backs up to the medical tent. Everett says there are a lot of variables but he’s pretty sure he can do it sneaky-like as long as there is enough of a distraction.


After tossing around some funny—and some bad—ideas it is decided that Tyrel will morph owl and fly into the store to cause a distraction. Katherine will take Everett to aid Tyrel and start the fire. Kioshi, Kilohana and Gil will stay at the cabin—since Gil and Kilo ate some of the food the group is worried about what may happen and Kioshi can lend a hand if he needs to.


As Tyrel morphs his owl he loses control and starts to freak out. Quick thinking Kilo throws a blanket over him and helps Tyrel come to his senses. As the trio leave for the convenience store, the trio in the cabin decide to send out a scout to the cabin roof, just in case. Kilo morphs his own owl and sets up on top of the cabin. He can hear both Thought Speak from the group at the store and regular speak from the duo in the cabin from his perch.


Katherine and Everett are briefly stopped by Tom, Mrs.Burns and Kendrick. The conversation is brief and the duo are not stopped from visiting the store. As they walk in they hold the door open for owl!Tyrel. Katherine quickly directs Everett to the coffee maker to start the fire as Tyrel starts his distraction… by pooping on the phone of a Sharing member.


Distraction landed Everett starts his work. In the background Tyrel flies to the cash register and begins picking off keys. As he is almost apprehended by the store clerk he notices something strange about the man’s eyes and wastes no time in vacating the store and reporting this find to the rest of the group.


Everett starts his fire but before things can really take off Tom, Mrs.Burns and Kendrick are alerted to the smoke and things start to unravel. Katherine signals to Everett to start ‘a meltdown’ and they are able to escape the store with a few boxes of matches.


Tyrel flies into the medical tent and lays eyes on what he believes is the Yeerk pool. He decides to bring down the tent and barely makes it out as he pulls the pin and does just that. Katherine and Everett walking by see their chance and Katherine quickly lights a few of the match boxes and catches the medical tent on fire.


Back at the cabin Kilo listens to Kioshi and Gil while surveying the campsite. He can see a few girls at the bag races in the distance starting to look ill and he knows shit is about to go down. As Gil morphs a cat and Kioshi an owl—after a brief squabble—Kilo is joined on the roof. The duo see the tent go down and the smoke start. This just might work!


Katherine starts mass panic and pandemonium ensues. The campground is suddenly ripe with screaming students, angry Sharing members and other people trying to reign things in. The tent does not offer anyone a view of what is inside but it quickly goes under. As Tyrel flies off to check for their abandoned things at the construction site, Kioshi says he can get them all out of the campground ASAP.


Tyrel finds that the explosion of Tyrileon’s ship destroyed all evidence of their having been there. Returning to the cabin he spots a helicopter—and it turns out to be Kioshi’s way out. The group all pile into the helicopter and take a wild ride back to Kioshi’s family mansion. Awestruck they settle in his room where he tells them they can relax… for now…

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