Session 002 took place on November 16, 2018.

In game we picked up around 8:30am on Saturday November 3rd, 2018 in Powhatan, VA. The group awoke in spite best efforts not to sleep and you all shared the same dream–Tyrileon in a wide field of yellow grass with white trees and blue leaves. She waves to you.

You’ve got stuff to do for the retreat and so Katherine ushers you all to the bathrooms to get ready. Kioshi overhears a little bit of a conversation, able to pick out words like Yeerk pool and Kandrona Ray. He tells Kilohana (who responds super up- beat) and they vacate the bathroom, stopping Everett from entering. Once back in the cabin Kioshi shares the information he learned, as well as learning that one of the people he overheard is Gil’s brother, Tom (however the other person called Tom Esplin 993).

Katherine divulges that many of the Chaperones were part of this group called The Sharing, and Gil confirms that her brother is in the group too. They come up with a plan to see what the Yeerks know by telling Tom that Gil lost her backpack and was upset, Katherine will try and gauge what Tom thinks. Everett presses Katherine about why she was out meeting Tyrel to which she lies.

The group (minus Tyrel) head out to the 9am assembly. Principal Kendrick speaks first and outlines the day’s activities. He thanks The Sharing for all their work, and talks them up. He then touches briefly on the ‘commotion’ last night. He says some kids were setting off fireworks and that anyone who knows anything needs to report it because there was a chemical spill and those exposed could be in danger. He then passes things off onto Ms.Burns from The Sharing. Ms.Burns is a too-happy camp leader.

While the group attend the assembly Tyrel acquires and then morphs a wolf spider. He climbs himself up to the top of the cabin to get a look around. Realizing he couldn’t see very far he zip-lined down to the ground thanks to his new webbing abilities. Attempting to cross the vast expanse of the campground he is nearly trampled by a small group of four voices. He cannot identify any of them but clearly hears their voices.

They discuss a plan of some kind by Esplin 993. They mention expecting an influx about two hours after breakfast. They say they’ll be explaining it all away by stating food poisoning. They do remark that things are going well but that remains to be seen according to Iniss.

The rest of the group finish up at the assembly and hang back before heading towards a large breakfast buffet. Some of them are cautious about eating anything and Everett notices that all the provided beverages are in clear plastic bottles… with no labels. They don’t appear to be tampered with but they’re just unlabled, unbranded bottles. He advises the group to leave them and they heed his warning but take food instead.

Katherin and Kioshi head over to grab some coffee. Unfortunately while doing so Katherine’s concentration is broken by Tyrel shouting in thought speak to her. She immediately spills coffee on her hand burns it. Ms.Burns (ironically) immediately approaches and offers first aid but Katherin scathingly tells her no.

As she and Kioshi join everyone else at the table, Tyrel starts yelling in though speak ~Nobody eat or drink anything!~ over and over again. Katherine passes on this information, however Gil and Kilo have already eaten. The group sit and wait for the arrival of Ms.Burns and two chaperones with supplies to help Katherin’s hand. Katherine is once more scathing and eventually shoos away the aid, saying they will retreat to their cabin so she can look at the injury herself.

Tyrel, having dodged the group of four people, heads towards where he thinks the assembly was. On his way out he runs into another group and can hear his companions talking. He hones in on what he thinks is Katherine an craws up onto an ankle. When the group is safely in their cabin everyone searches for spider!Tyrel, only to find him on Kilohana’s ankle. Unable to help himself, Kilo reactively smacks Tyrel away and stuns him.

As Tyrel de-morphs the group converses about what has transpired and what their next course of action is. They quickly decide that the medical tent is a clear area of interest and perhaps scouting it out is the best plan of action. (The tent was mentioned by the group of four Tyrel overheard, and Ms.Burns repeatedly attempted to get Katherine to visit the tent for her hand.) Some of the group acquire a spider while Kilohana leaves the cabin to look for something else to acquire. During this time the group also feels a strange tingling in their hands. They discover it appears to be the same size and shape as the button Tyrileon gave Kioshi.

Katherine attempts once more to call the camp cat to the cabin. Kilohana climbs into a tree but stops upon seeing a patrol coming by and climbs back down. He spots the cat approaching and takes the tuna to the cat, acquiring the creature in the process. Gil decides to try the cat as well and climbs out the window to join Kilo. She acquires the cat but upon morphing loses control and almost starts a cat fight with the camp cat, an intact tom cat.

Inside the cabin Everett morphs a spider. Kioshi decides instead to morph an owl and does so almost effortlessly. Katherine carefully picks him up and deposits him out the window. Kioshi then does a fly-over of the campsite, honing in on the medical tent. Just as he’s about to report back that he can’t see anything odd from outside, he spies four barrels marked as biohazard inside the tent…

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