There are a lot of skills. A lot. Hopefully this isn't too much to unpack--and I apologize for how hard to read the second page is, I'll get a better version soon.

As this is a beta version there are things that need to be added/altered. One of those is a way to indicate which skills you are trained/untrained in and which you get to add your Proficiency to.

Your race will tell you which skills you are trained in and which you can add your Proficiency to. For more information about that see the Skills page.

On the cube the Stat Total means your actual score, the (usually) two digit number which gives you your MOD.

Notes is where you can write down which Natural Form Feats you have taken. For my campaign I have given my players a full list of Feats and what they do, so in this Notes area of their character sheet they need only write which Feats they have taken--they don't have to jot down all the details in that little area.

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