There are a huge range of skills based on how the gameplay will work. Since there is a lot of subterfuge and information gathering I wanted to include a wide range of skills so that everyone could be really good at something.

This gaming mechanic uses the Trained VS Untrained skill mechanic. Each character will be trained (proficient) or untrained in every skill. These are determined by race and by GM approval based upon character history or events in game.

If a character is trained (proficient) in a skill they get to add up to double their current level of skill points to that skill. Meaning a level one character may only put two points into a trained skill and one into an untrained. A level four character may have up to eight points in the proficient skill but only four in the untrained.

When it comes to Morphs skill points may only be given to listed proficient skills and there is no limit to how many of those points may go into one skill.

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