I'm Ryan--responsible for this whole mess. I GM as well as run all our web presence currently. I've been gaming (thanks to my players) for a little over a decade but have only been GMing very recently. I briefly ran a Pugmire campaign and had a lot of fun. This is my first foray into building a world and its rules pretty much from scratch... it's also my first time trying to do anything with podcasts and audio files.

I write--mostly fanfiction--and can be found on Instagram and Twitter as RunicLeo.

Ryan has read the entire Animorphs series multiple times.


Matt plays Gillette. He's one of our table's three artists and has been arting for our campaigns since I started playing with him years ago.


He--and his many arts!--can be found on twitter @artofbartlett

Matt has no knowledge of the Animorphs series.

Brett, Kioshi's player, is usually our GM. He has been for years! He's been enjoying his seat on the other side of the screen.

He has no knowledge of the Animorphs series.

Tyrell's player, Magnus, is working on writing up a short bio for himself and I'll have that up as soon as I get it!

He can be found on Twitch and Twitter @charactermesh

He has no knowledge of the Animorphs series.

Danny is Kilohana's player! He's a local Firefighter and a D&D enthusiast. He's also painted some wicked minis recently!

He has no knowledge of the Animorphs series.

Sarah plays Katherine and she's another artist in our group. She's been working on some awesome new digital stuff recently!

She read a couple of the books years ago.

Nic plays Everett! He's another artist in our group and the one doing all the art for this site. He also might be married to me, which is me bragging about be married to someone who can produce art for my insane ventures on command. He's between websites at the moment but all the artwork here is his.

He read the majority of the series when it first came out.

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